XY&O: “Shades Of You”

By: Travis Ram
June 5, 2018

We’ve delved into the shades of XY&O this week. Keep reading to see what they are!

UK trio, XY&O has released another track that is whimsical in nature and full of wonder in prowess. “Shades Of You” features airy synths, viral dance beats and effective, layered vocals as it escorts listeners on the journey of everyone’s favorite emotional conflict: infatuation. Despite all of the musical elements being electronically influenced, “Shades Of You” feels very human in its delivery. This is not simply because the subject matter is so relatable, but because XY&O has a true gift in capturing the magic of electronic music—breathing a soul into it. We love this dreamland and we can’t wait to hear more in the future! Purchase your copy on iTunes today. Lucky for you, we’ve added this one to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist.

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