Artist Submission details

Alexa Valentino: “Angel”

Alexa Valentino has just released a new single, and it has mesmerised us all! ‘Angel’ is a soft anthem of heartache that talks to those...

Vivian Lok: “Sunrise”

Vivian Lok has captivated us all with her new single ‘Sunrise’! With an empowering message and great sound, it is an anthem for those who...

Grayson Ty: “Fall Again”

Capturing our hearts with pop ballad ‘Fall Again’, Grayson Ty has got us all in our feelings. ‘Fall Again’ is THE song to listen to...

Charles Keyes: “Wild One“

Charles Keyes has just released a new single- ‘Wild One’- and we are hooked! With its cruisy vibe and upbeat rhythm, there is no doubt...