Gabriella Marinaro: “Cherry Sunday”

By: James Brookes

October 01, 2023

“Cherry Sunday” is the latest release from pop artist, Gabriella Marinaro, and we’re soaking it up from start to finish! The sultry-song uses a fresh and unique style of almost a 1940s background vocal vibeβ€”one that pulls the audience in immediately.

The soundscape on “Cherry Sunday” is novel, to say the least. The intrinsic and trance-like synthesizer melody line adds the perfect addition to compliment Gabriella’s stunning vocals. In fact, it helps shape the mood for a seductive, and yet, mysterious tone. So many artists these days don’t deliver an emotional performance to draw in the listener, but Gabriella makes certain she delivers with every lyric!

Watch the music video for “Cherry Sunday” below, and be sure to add this track to your favorite playlist!

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