VAVO x Tyler Mann: “Pieces”

May 08, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

As the world opens back up and we rejoin friends and strangers at concerts and other long-delayed and outright cancelled events, we wonder what sounds are waiting to welcome us back.

Wonder no longer, as the latest release from VAVO, alongside artist Tyler Mann, β€˜Pieces’ is sure to be gracing many a scene this summer.

The pulsing beat energizes you and really gets you moving. The textured sound is still even and consistent throughout, with the various builds and cascades holding their energy for a good while, flowing into one another easily. The lyrics definitely will strike a chord with many listeners, with many people looking for their return to normalcy, β€˜picking up the pieces’ as the song goes. Describing a life finally hitting full stride, but incomplete without that final piece, that special someone, something we can all relate to.

Usually in EDM/Dance tracks, vocals are used as more white noise to help pass the time, cloud the airwaves. Here, the deep voice, restrained but at the edge of exhaustion, has its own part to play. Taking center stage, it acts as the guiding force for this vibe-heavy piece.