Trap Pap ft. SPL Haiti: “Counter That”

By: Tiare Pito
December 04, 2022

After the release of hot song “Back in the Mix”, Trap Pap has teamed up with SPL Haiti to bring us the heat. “Counter That” is a hip hop anthem that will have you vibing along in no time. Staying true to Trap Pap’s own distinct style, it is still unique enough to stand on its own. 

Rather than approaching his music with negativity and skepticism, Trap Pap instead uses it as an outlet to express himself.

Speaking authentically, Trap Pap and SPL Haiti talk about their life on the streets. Without holding back, they address the good, the bad, and the ugly, whilst still retaining good energy and an engaging listening experience. 

The duo’s voices are very well suited to elevated “Counter That” without competing with or detracting from one another. The strong beats and suave vocals simply add to the allure of the song. 

The music video is a great component that fits the theme of the song well. Simple in execution, it offers viewers a glimpse into the life that Trap Pap and SPL Haiti speak of, and allows listeners to further connect to “Counter That”.

All lyrical, musical and visual components of “Counter That” work together very well to create a piece that will hook you. We can’t wait to see what will be next from Trap Pap and SPL Haiti!

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