By: Michelle Vaccaro
February 10, 2023

Tommy Stanley is opening up with his single, “Let Me In.”

The guitar-driven rock track is a heartfelt song that expresses feelings of loneliness and a loss of friendship.  Lines like “Open up the door and let me in.  I’m standing in the cold and I really need a friend” tug at the listeners’ heartstrings.  It’s not just the lyrics that are honest but the vocals too.  Stanley comfortably conveys the emotion behind the lyrics.  His natural, vulnerable expression allows the listener to feel the pain of the words.  His powerful vocal performance is mixed with a mellow melody that gains strength and energy at the chorus.

“Let Me In” is the proud US Navy veteran’s debut single.  Reality competition show fans may recognize Stanley from NBC’s 2008 Nashville Star, where he finished eighth.

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