By: Tiare Pito
April 13, 2023

With a classic rock sound and rawness unlike any other, American band The Tragedy Brothers have captured our attention. Unashamed pieces like “Another American Tragedy” certainly leave an impression and make the band impossible to ignore.

Telling tragic yet seemingly commonplace tales of their people, The Tragedy Brothers certainly live up to their name. “Another American Tragedy” sheds a light on the dark, ugly side of life. Delivered to us on a chipper, upbeat manner, the contrast in content and delivery is jarring, yet adds a layer of interest that pulls listeners in and keeps them from hitting skip. The seemingly lighter tone of delivery further seems to almost normalize, and show the common nature of the stories described. They are not framed as a hidden, horrific thing that happens once in a blue moon, but rather, another fact of life, albeit a sad one. With rich vocals and energetic instrumentals, listeners are in for a very amplified, soulful listening experience.

Having created such a impactful, thought provoking song, we are excited by the way that The Tragedy Brothers utilize their art. We cannot wait to see what will be next!

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