By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 06, 2023

“Celebrate the Good Times” with The Hybris.

The aptly named single is a high energy, hard-hitting track with a catchy beat.  The lyrics reminisce and toast to past moments of joy.  The lines stress focusing on the things that are going well and not allowing anything to deter one’s happiness.  The clear and passion-filled vocals reinforce this message. The band told Clout, “The lyrics were created as a reaction to some unpleasant personal experiences in the recent past. It’s just incredibly annoying when people who have everything – and more than they really need – are still constantly concerned about their own advantage, without thinking of others. Without a sense of responsibility for what is happening around them, it’s never enough.”

The Hybris consists of three, self-proclaimed “wannabe comic super heroes,” Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison and Malcolm Mandrill.  Although they each currently live in different parts of the world (France, US and Germany), they continue to pump out new music.  The mask wearing, alternative rock band plans to release their second album in the fall.

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