By: Tiare Pito
July 25, 2023

Sunset Capone has teamed up with Jadakiss to bring us his newest release, and it is hitting us hard! “Extremist” is an alt rap track that is born from the experiences and pain of Sunset Capone’s own life. If you are tired of the meretricious, disngenuine songs that permeate so much of modern music, then this is absolutely the track for you.

Although harsh in language, “Extremist” is undoubtedly inspiring all the same. The coarse delivery of the song allow listeners to connect more personally to the song, without having to sift through generic lyrics and tropes that permeate much modern music. The hard vocals and chilling beats are well arranged to further enhance the story of β€˜Extremist’, without detracting from it. It is simultaneously sobering and inspiring. Hard yet heartfelt.

All in all, we are thrilled by the personality and connection that Sunset Capone has offered us. It will be exciting to see what moves the artist makes next!

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