By: Tiare Pito
February 13, 2023

Written with both the soulfulness of an artist, and the skill of a professional, St. Humain’s new release has won over listeners all around the world. An integral piece of St Humain’s new EP “METADRAMATIC”, “Wanna Talk” is delicate and personal. If you are wanting something a little more down to earth, a song that truly allows you to connect to the artist, then this is the song for you!

“Wanna Talk” speaks to the inability to properly express yourself when with someone you like. With lines such as “I wanna talk to girls like I do in my sleep, ’cause in my dreams I sound much better than me”, listeners are able to clearly relate to St. Humain. Rather than trying to present as perfect and put together, St. Humain allows a little vulnerability to seep into his work for a more grounded, honest experience.

Delivered to us on energetic, passionate vocals, “Wanna Talk” continues to impress us musically. The accompanying instrumentals and catchy beat serve to elevate the song without detracting from its meaning, and make it the perfect bop to vibe along to with friends. All audio elements work well together and blend to create a very fun, engaging listening experience.

“Wanna Talk” is sure to earn its spot on your favourite playlist! If you haven’t already, then you need to listen to both “Wanna Talk”, and the rest of St. Humain’s “METADRAMATIC” EP!

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