By: Tiare Pito
July 16, 2023

Los Angeles based artist has been bringing colour into our lives and spreading the love. His new track “Someday” has us obsessed and hanging onto every single word! A pop anthem about wrong timing and acceptance, it is an addictive listen that will have you smiling before you know it. It is THE song to listen to if you are going through a hard time, and need a reminder that the bad times won’t last.

In “Someday,” we are treated to a tale of heart sick romance. Of longing in spite of knowing it is not the right time. However, in spite of this, rather than letting it get to him or twist him, SMILEZ instead remains positive, and contains to praise his lady of interest. With lines like “You ain’t no supporting role, you the main thing,” we can see his respect and positivity, even when not faced with the most immediately desirable outcome. This allows viewers to not only form a connection with the song, but with SMILEZ as an artist,Β  having a genuine glimpse into who he is as a person.

Delivered to us with bright vocals, and a catchy, upbeat tune, the musicality further cements the idea that if you don’t get what you wanted, it’s not the end of the world. Have hope and stay positive. All audio aspects are fun and well arranged, blending easy to create an immersive, smile inducing listening experience.

We certainly believe that SMILEZ has stayed true to his mission to “Save every sad and lonely girl in the world.” “Someday” is an absolute delight, and we can’t wait to see what the artist will come out with next!

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