By: Tiare Pito
August 28, 2023

S.J. Armstrong has won us over with his newest single. “Designing a Spacecraft” is a delightful blend of alternative and indie rock, and hits all the right notes! If you’re looking for something to move and truly capture you, then we cannot recommend this song enough!

Speaking of an escape of this life, and journey of freedom and liberty, the lyrics are as artistic as they are clever. Armstrong provides an unfiltered, organic way of looking at things that garners trust between audience and artist. His fresh, raw manner of story telling allows listeners to connect more easily with “Designing a Spacecraft” on a genuine level.

Delivered to us on fervent, soulful vocals, Armstrong continues to impress with his musicality. The instrumentals work well to provide an encompassing, thrilling listening experience that helps listeners get lost in the wonder of the song. Absolutely not one to miss.

It is clear that when S. J. Armstrong makes music, he makes it from the heart. Keep an eye on this artist, for we are expecting big things!

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