By: Tiare Pito
June 09, 2023

Multi talented artist Robert Rene has just released a new track, and it is both pumping us up whilst simultaneously putting us in our feels! “Save My Heart” is an EDM piece talking to the experience of trying to protect your heart, but falling for someone regardless. Whether you are in the mood to party, or feeling vulnerable after heartbreak, this is THE song for you!

Detailing the experiences of a guy who is guarding his heart whilst still playing around with girls, the lyrics are well written and concise. In spite of the walls he puts up, he does still end up falling for someone and getting hurt. The story captured is relatable enough to connect with listeners, and written in a way that even if you haven’t experienced this exact scenario, you will still be able to identify with it.

Rene delivers “Save My Heart” on phenomenal, high energy vocals. Although there are addictive beats and synths all throughout, Rene has arranged them in a way to build tension and ensure maximum impact. A truly enthralling song to listen to.

All in all, Robert Rene has absolutely delivered with “Save My Heart”. We cannot wait to see where he goes from here!

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