Rene Le Feuvre : “Euphoria”

By: Eric Reyes
July 08, 2021

A charming, if less polished, child of the The 1975-influenced subgenre melding Soft Rock, Pop/Bedroom-Pop, and Chill-Wave. That lack of polish isn’t derisive, instead it’s a part of the sound itself.

Heart-throb Rene Le Feuvre has been prolific in a short period of time, releasing a slew of catchy, dreamy tracks that showcase earnest, breathy vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and expertly produced backing mixes. His latest release, β€˜Euphoria’ is no different.

Readdressing the β€˜less polished’ comment, I really want to emphasize that this is part of the draw, for me, of this track. There is an earnestness here that is apparent in the lyrics, in the vocal performance, that are really finding their way through the music, creating the sound as it is going, and while it may be planned, it has that indie vibe of experimentation that just stands out so starkly against an increasingly boring scene.

That juxtaposed with the well-polished Rock/Pop mix, creates a varied sound profile that suits this youthful, full-hearted outing. I’ll be keeping an eye on this artist, and so should you, I have about him.

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