R3HAB x Luis Fonsi x Sean Paul: “Pues”

By: Eric Reyes
May 8, 2021

It’s always funny for me to describe Latin music, as I am Latino myself. It’s like I’m describing music using someone else’s words and perception.

But, having grown up on a steady diet of Rock, Emo, Screamo, and various hues of Metal, I’m not necessarily a bastion of Latino culture and flavor either. Despite all that, whenever I hear any Latin track, there’s a part of me that instantly catches the energy and feels right at home.

That very same feeling overcame me the first time I listened to ‘Pues’ by R3HAB, Luis Fonsi, and the inimitable Sean Paul. The beat takes you by the hips and sways side to side, because what is a Latin track without a powerful, driving tempo that is seductive and easy to move to. The vocals, taking full advantage of the skilled artists contributing their talent, are full of that barely restrained passion and innate romance Latino artists are known for. It’ll help work up a sweat, be it on the dance floor or places more private, a great track to do with as you will.

To really get the full effect of this track, you have to watch the music video, available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. The video is very ‘street’, in setting and aesthetic. But whereas other videos might use darkness, shadow, and shady figures to paint a picture of a harsh urban wasteland, ‘Pues’ by Luis Fonsi, R3HAB, and the legendary Sean Paul uses light, vibrant color, and everyday people to make it a place people live and interact. You get a sense of the life and culture that contributed to this song. While the artists may have risen to stardom and wealth, they never forgot, and often pay tribute to, the humble communities that surrounded and supported them, much like the young aspiring dancer in the video.

My only real complaint; it’s too short! I want more, YOU will want more. It hooks you by the nose and leads you along, then, poof, it’s over. What a tease.

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