QLAPs: “I Wish”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
December 3, 2021

QLAPs is sharing what they want in their new single “I Wish.” 

The lyrics use analogies and similes to provide vivid pictures and explain the desires.  The track gives off a relaxing vibe.  The music and vocals have ethereal elements and echo effects.  The soothing sounds effortlessly blend with the mesmerizing vocals.

Unlike in some of their other singles, the Electro-pop group highlights the guitar in this track.  A little more than halfway through, the song breaks down into an impressive guitar solo before it returns to the chorus. 

The video for “I Wish” has an old home movie feel of people frolicking on the beach.  The blurry, black and white projector look adds a veil of mystery that complements the song. 

Check out the video for “I Wish” from the Paris-based band.

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