By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 1, 2023

“Every Time” you listen to Pete Lambert’s new single, you’ll enjoy it.

The sentimental song pulls at the heart strings.  The somber tone is established from the very first pluck of the guitar and strings.  The mellow melody sets the stage for the soulful vocals and honest lyrics.  The words express the grief and remorse a person feels as a relationship begins to crumble.  Lambert’s voice embodies the emotions described in the lyrics.  The singer-songwriter explained the track in an Instagram post saying it’s “An unapologetically sad song, taking inspiration from the worlds of Americana and Folk music, ‘Every Time’ is a story of heartbreak and forgiveness.  It speaks of a person, and a relationship being broken and somehow put back together.  It’s a song about heartbreak, support and forgiveness.  It’s a sad song, but there’s hope there.”

Lambert may have country music influences, but he hails from York, UK.  He plans on releasing his first album later this year.

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