By: Michelle Vaccaro
February 29, 2023

You will want to stay and listen to Nick Brodeur’s new single, “4am.”

The song makes a statement from the first line.  It starts off with the proclamation, “4 am and I am leaving!”  With a mix of heavy guitar and straight-talking lyrics, the hard hitting open sets the stage for the rest of the track.  The lyrics deal with the range of emotions involved in a break-up.  Lines like “If you would like, I’ll take you to a place I know. Where we can fly, To another galaxy!” give the sense that there’s hope to continue moving forward.  Later on, the pain of what has happened is summed up in the lines “I’m all choked up but I’m breathing! You knocked me down and I feel it!”  Brodeur’s honest vocals express the passion and frustrations of the lyrics.

The rap rock track features Keith Swagger.  “4am” is a single off Brodeur’s upcoming album, Reborn.  Check out the video

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