Nastenka & AVED: “Like The Stars”

15. April 2021 | Autor: Eric Reyes

Quarantine put a stop to music videos for some time. Nastenka must have been bristling with creative frustration, because this down and dirty track and video really hit the spot. There’s a definite off the cuff kind of vibe to the video itself, done on a dress-shoe-string budget, with much more polish than your average video of similar caliber. It flits between individual performance and this kind of performative pseudo-narrative very effectively.

The visual narrative of the video is very interesting, pulling multiple interpretations of β€˜stars’ from the lyrics and presenting it in an effectively engaging way.

The vocals here are breathless, but from exertion and effort, rather than any kind of stylistic choice. Almost like the singer is unable to keep up with the inner well of energy that is driving them forward. Beginning slow, it builds and builds, but never spills forth uncontrollably. The backing mix here is very laid back, it doesn’t try to dictate the vibe or sound, but still manages to be a player all its own in the makeup of the whole.

Energetic, entrancing, something you don’t want to miss. Definitely take the time to hunt down the video as well, as it is both indie and well-produced. Banding together the staples of bright neon light bars, smoke grenades and clashing warm and cold lights, it is an engaging performance all around.