By: Tiare Pito
July 12, 2023

Part of his hard hitting album “Here Comes the Night”, there is one song in particular that has sized our hearts from the 2017 release by Michael Mazochi. “Wasteland” is a wrenching piece full of soul and passion. If you are looking for music that can stir up genuine emotion, a song that can pierce you to your core, then you’ve come to the right place.

At first, the electronic hit seems like a lament, observing this “empty world” with a jaded gaze and hopelessness.Β  However, as the song progresses, we hear the lines,Β  “You will wake me up…you will take me home.” TheseΒ  statements bring light to the haunting tune, providing hope when all seemed lost. It provides further dimension to the already fleshed out, chilling track.

The song is delivered to us on Mazochi’s captivating vocals. Deep, melodic, and insanely powerful, only Mazochi could deliver such a heavy song with such grace. The accompanying instrumentals and electronic additions are not over the top or overpowering, instead providing just the right canvas for Mazochi to work his magic. He has created, with “Wasteland”, a genuine masterpiece.

As someone who has reviewed countless songs, I can genuinely say that I will remember “Wasteland”. It touched something in me that has evoked a deep flurry of emotions, and I look forward to further exploring the music of Michael Mazochi.

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