LOUPE: “Spill Over”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
August 13, 2021

Spilling over with feeling, Loupe is clearly going through something on her new song, β€œSpill Over.”

I love how β€œSpill Over” begins with an unnerving subtleness of single piano keystrokes before the emotional vocals begin. The uniquely styled piano backing throughout the song is just so captivating somehow. It ends in the same haunting manner in which it began.

The lyrics in β€œSpill Over” somberly depict someone who is struggling emotionally. Since the reason for this emotional rollercoaster isn’t made clear, the listener can insert their own story. There’s a depth and honesty in Loupe’s voice that glues it all together.

Loupe (aka Taylor Stone) is an interesting new artist who creates all of her music out of a one bedroom apartment in Orange County, CA.

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