By: Michelle Vaccaro
February 12, 2023

John Keenan speaks his mind in his new single, “Toxic.”

The hip hop track starts off as a calm, internal talk about running away from problems.  As he keeps expressing his thoughts, his anger and frustration build.  The tension can be heard in his vocals and the music.  When the chorus hits, so do the heavy notes and rapper Krizz Kaliko.  Kaliko comes in as a voice of reason, knocking sense into Keenan’s words and snapping him back to reality.  He makes it known that the feelings will pass and he’ll “be okay in a little bit.”  The emotionally charged track has a relatable message.  It brings to light internal struggles that many people face and emphasizes that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

“Toxic” is the first single off Keenan’s recently released album Mind of a Madman II.

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