By: Tiare Pito
January 30, 2023

J.W. CUDD’s hit single “Need You” is in the limelight with the release of a striking new music video. A song that not only connects with listeners, but brings them on a journey, there is little doubt that “Need You” will earn a place on your favourite playlist.

Daring to break the taboo of not fitting in, J.W. CUDD allows listeners a more intimate glimpse of who he is as a person, as he details his experience as a metaphysical Christian. The honesty and vulnerability channelled through “Need You” is a refreshing breathe of air amidst the meretriciousness of typical modern tunes. Threads of hope and perserverance stitch themselves through the song, particularly in the chorus with the use of lyrics such as “Cut my wings but I won’t fall, because I need you”.Β 

The lyrical brilliance is accompanied with equally impressive musical components. CUDD’s heartfelt vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the heavy synths and EDM beats. The kind of piece that incites literal goosebumps, all musical elements combine professionally to create an passionate, freeing listening experience.

The addition of a music video has us falling even further in love with “Need You”. Dark, high contrast shots featuring CUDD bathed in shadow create an enigmatic appeal. CUDD himself is captivating in a dark, edgy costume and body paint, so well presented that viewers cannot tear their eyes away! The different scenes that feature CUDD are woven together well and match the tone of “Need You” perfectly. A stunning video to match a stunning song.

Experienced artist J.W. CUDD continues to impress us with every single release. A star that we can count on, we look forward to seeing more!

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