By: Tiare Pito
May 10, 2023

We have been waiting for a song that grips listeners from start to finish, and this queen has absolutely delivered! Ines Belayouni is an LA based that can sing in a whole array of different languages! Most recently, her sultry single “Attention” has hooked us, and we can’t get enough. A confident and unapologetic declaration of loving attention, Belayouni certainly knows how to keep ours.

Singing about restricting the attention you give someone to have them even more hooked, “Attention” is written with all the confidence of a lady that knows what she’s doing. Not at all shy in her statements of loving attention, we love the directness with which the song is written. Instead of beating around the bush, Belayouni conveys exactly what she wants.

Delivered to us on silky smooth vocals, listeners can not get enough. The relaxed instrumentals and easy listening beats further add to the ambience of “Attention”, and compliment the vocals very nicely. All musical elements layer well and come together to create a very evocative, sultry listening experience.

All in all, there is not a single thing we would change about “Attention”. Sure to earn a spot on your favourite playlist, we highly recommend you go give it a listen ASAP!

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