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HONEY: “Oh Lawd”


By: Michelle Vaccaro
January 19, 2023

Honey’s new single will have listeners saying, “Oh Lawd.”

The track has a cool, rhythmic beat and impressive vocals. The music starts off soft and almost secondary, putting the spotlight on the vocals. The emotions behind the words can be heard in Honey’s voice. As the song comes to an end, the music takes over the track.

“Oh Lawd” doesn’t initially come off as a faith-based song, but the lyrics and intention say otherwise. The lines “Through the rotten weather, help us come together and realize” followed by “Oh Lord, you’re good to me” suggest looking beyond the darkness in life and focusing on the brighter things. The singer-songwriter explained, “’Oh Lawd’ is about all of the evil that society has succumbed to over the years and how to stay positive amidst all the negativity.” She added, “Even though there’s so much toxicity in the world, I find it liberating to express my gratitude for all that is good. We have many struggles in this life but that’s not to be overshadowed by all our blessings…”

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