By: Tiare Pito
February 24, 2023

Raw and unfiltered, alt rock band Homebody have captured our attention with new release “Hindsight”. A song embedded with feeling, “Hindsight” cuts through the meretricious nature of typical modern music and provides a fresh dose of genuine emotion. If you are looking for a song layered with grit and passion, then this is the song for you!

Detailing the experience and aftermath of picking up the pieces after encountering those that think only of themselves and leave pain in the wake of their toxicity, “Hindsight” is hard hitting and unabashedly real. The lyrics are well written and work effectively to connect with listeners. The artistic metaphors and language utilised serve to further elevate the song and provide a clear idea of what Homebody wished to communicate with “Hindsight”

The energy in the lyrics is matched and pushed to a new level with the dark, gritty vocals andΒ  pumping instrumentals. The rock track incites an electric atmosphere that gets the heart racing and blood pumping. All musical elements combine to create a fast paced, visceral listening experience.

Homebody have absolutely nailed it with “Hindsight”. A track that will be tough to beat, we look forward to what will be next from this talented band!

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