By: Michelle Vaccaro
March 3, 2023

There’s no reason to “Hate Me” after listening to Henry K’s new single.

It’s a breakup song that touches on the struggles of moving on from a relationship.  The lyrics accept accountability and remorse in the demise of the relationship.  These feelings are expressed in the lines, “You say it’s my fault and I know that.  Gotta try to move on, but I hate that.  And it’s so hard knowing it was all my fault.  I keep wishing I could go back to that night.”

The relatable lyrics bring to light the internal thoughts of a person who has taken responsibility for his actions.  Many people who have gone through a similar breakup would love to hear this type of regret from their ex.  Henry K’s honest vocals add another layer of truth to the track.  Like the lyrics, the music also gives off a sense of reflection and frustration with moments of slow, melancholy sounds to an upbeat rhythm.

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