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Danny Bowens: “Keep Breathing”

By: Eric Reyes
May 28, 2020

Motivation is hard to come by these days. Either you have an innate, inexhaustible supply, or you’re like most people and it comes from tasks at hand, from goals, from self-made goalposts, or outside sources. Luckily for those of us running low, artist Danny Bowens comes to the rescue with “Keep Breathing.”

I took the opportunity to go for a run and had this playing on loop. As I struggled to catch my breath, Danny Bowen’s reassuring voice urged into my ears, ‘Breathe in, Breathe out.’ The rhythmic mix keeping pace with the vocals was a great help getting me in step, the beat a good trot that I eventually matched my breathing to as well. As I reached a long, rocky road with plenty of pits and loose gravel to make each step risky, the song pumped me up with its steady pulse. 

While the artist may have not been shooting for an uplifting track to get you up on your feet for a little fresh air, I can guarantee that it got me out of more than just a physical malaise. The encouraging message is a definite boost for your day, so don’t miss out and tune in today. 

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