Ines Belayouni

Ines Belayouni is a Tunisian singer. Began singing at a very young age debuting in end of year celebration of her elementary school interpreting Arabic music.

In May 2013 she gained wide recognition as a singer, when she releases a duet which will serve as a soundtrack for the documentary “Tounsi w Khalli iqoulou hbel ” produced by Coca-cola and released in movies theatres in Tunisia. 

Ines continued to perform at concerts, festivals and high end private events for embassies in Tunisia, performing a wide range of Jazz and pop music. She believes that the future is the fusion of music genres and that’s what she is seeking to accomplish as an artist.

Ines always aspired to be an internationally recognized artist, preferring to sing in English, but also performing in Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic. Confident in her proven talent as a singer and performer of western music, in May 2018 she chose to move to Los Angeles, city of talent and opportunity, to build her international career.

In Sept 2021 she releases her first single entitled “The way you make me feel” written and produced by JespΓ¨re. The track is a happy love upbeat dance song mostly pop with an 80s flavor available on all platforms …