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Clyde Hill & Jason Gaffner: “Night and Day”

By: Sydney Cooper
March 10, 2018

Music powerhouses Clyde Hill & Jason Gaffner team up to bring a new single you’ve GOT to hear! Check it out right now:

Are you a fan of The Chainsmokers? How about Lorde? Well, if the answer was yes to one or both of these questions, then odds are you’ve heard of Clyde Hill & Jason Gaffner. The pair have recently teamed up to bring you β€œNight And Day.” A pulsing rhythm, thick guitar, and precise synth propel the cool vocals through this funky electro pop disco playground. This track makes you feel warm summer days, and hey, we all need that in this winter weather. Prepare yourself for ultimate bliss, Gas Maskers! 

Hell, we like this track so much it’s been added to our Gas Mask Favorites PlaylistIf Spotify isn’t your thing though, purchase your copy over on iTunes today!

Get down to β€œNight And Day,” and let us know what you think on social media: @GasMaskMagazine!