By: Tiare Pito
August 17, 2023

Sometimes, life gets stifling. Things don’t go as you want, and you may feel stuck in a certain place or situation. Rather than letting himself be weighed down by such things, New York artist Boi Angel chooses instead to live in the moment, and embrace his freedom. His newest single “Run Free” is an artistic expression of just that. It is a song of liberty and openness.

In “Run Free”, Boi Angel encourages listeners to go out, dance, and, as the name suggests, run free. Written with liveliness and motivation, listeners are easily swept up in the message and compelled to do as inspired.

The pop R&B track impresses not only with its message, but also the musicality. It is a multi layered song that does not clash at all. Boi Angel has arranged both the vocals and accompanying audio elements perfectly to seamlessly enhance and provide a positive, fulfilling listening experience.

There is no doubt that Boi Angel has absolutely nailed “Run Free”. We eagerly anticipate his future releases!

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