By: Tiare Pito
February 26, 2023

As part of his “A Little Dose of Heaven” album, Billy Ray Norris has released hit song “It’s Complicated”, and we cannot get enough of it! Featuring the talented Rebecca Jade, “It’s Complicated” is an unconventional track with a timeless feel. If you are a lover of great country music, then there is no doubt that “It’s Complicated” will earn a spot on your favourite playlist!

As with any great country song, “It’s Complicated” pulls at the heartstrings and makes the listener think. Detailing the story of a man whose wife of fifteen years fell in love with another woman, it certainly breaks the mold in terms of story telling. Yet the unconventionality of the song does not come across as ludicrous,Β  but rather, intimate and personal, due to the skillful lyricism utilised.

Billy Ray Norris’s country twang and soulful vocals deliver “It’s Complicated” beautifully. The powerful accompanying instrumentals work well to enhance the story behind the song, without detracting from it. All musical elements are well arranged and blend seamlessly to create a heartfelt, conflicting and emotional listening experience.

Managing to stay true to his own unique musical style, it is still impressive how with each song he creates, Billy Ray Norris manages to give all their own distinct personality and sound. A true artist, we highly recommend that you go and listen to the rest of “A Little Dose of Heaven” if you haven’t already!

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