Ben Kidson: “Sweet”

January 17, 2020 | Writer: James Brookes

If you’re looking for something sweet for your ears to enjoy, look no further than the latest release from electro/pop artist, Ben Kidson!

“Sweet” is composed of hooky melodies and a chorus that hits harddd. Kidson’s vocals are polished with a raw portrayal of emotion that we can’t help but LOVE, but this isn’t any ordinary pop track. In fact, the production and tones on it have a unique quality—breaking down and thriving on the rollercoaster ride of energy Kidson portrays. Meaning, it has a story that we know you’re going to be salivating over once you get a tase of, “Sweet.” 

Lucky for you, Kidson has several other tracks on Spotify that should help your craving; for example, we also loved his tune called, “Money.” It has over 100,000 streams, by the way.