By: Tiare Pito
April 30, 2023

Anthony Ortiz is bringing the heat with his new track! “Fall For You” is a fast paced, fun loving pop anthem that we guarantee you’ll love! The perfect track to vibe out to and have fun with, we recommend you give it a listen ASAP!

Speaking to the experience of being hooked on someone and unable to let go, Ortiz approaches this in a fun manner. We are woven the tale of young love and heartache, yet it is all delivered in such a palatable, consumable way that it does not bring down the energy of “Fall For You” at all. Instead, Ortiz successfully balances sincere lyrics and an upbeat tune to create an overwhelmingly addictive song. The open vocals and catchy instrumentals certainly add to the charm and gel to create a hard hitting, yet undeniably fun listening experience. We are also treated with a dynamic music video that goes well with “Fall For You”. Featuring Ortiz and his muse, the atmosphere of the music video could not be more perfect for the song!

With such a track, Ortiz has absolutely captured our hearts! Take note of this musician, for he is sure to continue creating waves!

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