Abby Rose: “In Color”

By: James Brookes

September 10, 2023

Abby Rose didn’t hold back when she wrote her latest track, “In Color.” “In fact, it’s the folk song that you need to stimulate an evening of romance, passion, and of course, that four letter word that we all yearn for: LOVE.

“In Color” follows the the story of an artist professing her love by using her lover as a muse, in any scene that they desire to pick. Through her use of color, she admires and adorns the one who has stolen her heartβ€”using her paintbrush as the ultimate tool to manifest her internal feelings into the physical.

The folk song resonates with an emotional vocal performance that’s raw and gritty in the most perfect way possible. Accompany that with a simple, and yet, serene scenario, and you have yourself a great track. Gas Mask approves this message! Be sure to listen to the track and watch the music video below!

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