A1KK: “SHAWTY 2.0”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 20, 2023

A1KK is upgrading her music with “Shawty 2.0.”

The new single is a revised version of her 2020 track, “Shawty.”  A1KK starts “Shawty 2.0” speaking about her drive to keep moving forward.  The minimal music at the top brings the focus on her words about not settling and the desire to “want more.”  The beat drops as the chorus hits.  Throughout the song, A1KK showcases her rapping skills, spitting rhymes at different tempos.  Her rapid flow keeps the energy level high.  Note, if any young kids are in earshot, the track does have explicit lyrics.

Check out the video for “Shawty 2.0” which features a clip of A1KK’s upcoming track “From Nothing” at the end.

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