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Zoey Jones:Β  “Fantasy”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
February 10, 2022

Zoey Jones is sharing her “Fantasy” with her latest single. 

The song expresses the hope that a romantic dream will become a reality.  The lyrics suggest being consumed by the thought of being together.  The sense of longing and passion is tamed by the music’s groove and relaxed vibe.  Jones’ sultry vocals bring suavity to the track. 

Jones expressed that she hopes the song “will take you on a journey and drift of off to the land of paradise.”  That idea is also conveyed in the video.  It was filmed in Bali, the beautiful island the British singer now calls home. 

In addition to being a singer, Jones is an actress, DJ and model.  Fans may also recognize her as a finalist on the original Pop Idol in 2001.

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