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Zoe Xandra: “Blah Blah”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

Ever knew someone who wouldn’t take a hint? Someone who gets all up on you, can’t stop talking to you about themselves, dropping lame one-liners and pickup-lines like they were rose petals? Urban Indie Pop artist Zoe Xandra has the perfect response in her newest song, “Blah Blah.” 

Full of confidence and a blunt attitude, this is a perfect track for a break-up recovery playlist. The chill acoustic and electronic mix backing the matter-of-factly lyrics are a soundtrack for anyone’s confident strut back out onto the dance floor or the dating scene. With one of the most common pick-up lines deconstructed into a catchy hook, you’ll find yourself singing along as you get ready to go out and break hearts, guaranteed. The video for this song is just as straightforward, with Zoe Xandra, glossy lips and Colgate-White smile the only thing in frame, singing this declaration of disinterest and independence so there’s no illusion. 

We all need something to spice up the more mundane parts of our lives. Being confident and curving dudes with nothing to offer but tired words pairs extremely well with this ‘don’t mess with me’ anthem. 

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