Zara Larson: “Poster Girl”

By: Eric Reyes
March 10, 2021

I really appreciate that I experienced this song through the Studio Performance (available on the artist’s YouTube page) video, as it captures, perfectly, the feelings I had listening to it.

I had fun. I really did. I felt like I was a gaffer or PA on set, grooving along with Zara Larson and her crew.

Poster Girl is the Swedish superstar’s latest release, and it has a wonderful, playful energy to it. Her bright vocal performance is enticing, like someone pulling you along by the hand, smiling over their shoulder to urge you on to the next adventure. Lyrically, it doesn’t take itself seriously, but it also isn’t fluff. Crafted to be complimentary to the artist’s style and vocalization, it isn’t noise for the sake of noise. It’s cleverly written, and fun, did I mention fun? Sure I did, because it is, and you’d know that if you’d stop reading this review and listened to it. The backing supports and never suppresses; we’re here for Zara Larson, make no mistake.

As ill-accustomed to the Pop scene as I am, beyond being a simple consumer, there’s no denying the artist’s clear genre pedigree. A sensation in her home country, the international conventions and influences of the Pop Music behemoth are well under her control, at her command, at her mercy, almost. And we are lucky to be along for the ride.

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