ZACHARIAH: “Thinking About You”

By: James Brookes
April 25, 2019

We’re thinking about Zachariah and his incredible new track! Keep reading to see what we thought about, “Thinking About You.”

Saying that Zachariah is a gifted artist is an understatement of drastic levels. This week, “Thinking About You” came across our desk and we knew we’d immediately have to check it out! “Thinking About You” is an electro pop track in the soul/R&B vein that is as tasty as it is powerful. This tune is delicate yet strong; it pops yet is also soft and truly makes for a seamless listening experience. While the sound is superb the lyrics are also a huge winner in this track. Zachariah’s sophisticated wordplay and emotional delivery are what took us by the ears and made us full blown Zachariah fans! Be sure to listen below; you will not regret nor forget it.

Listen to “Thinking About You” below, and let us know what you think on social media @GasMaskMagazine.

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