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Zach Hood: “Isabelle”

By: Eric Reyes
February 11, 2020

A student of the modern pop landscape, Zach Hood is turning heads and catching people’s attention with his charm, his good looks, and his catchy hooks.

A TikTok sensation branching out into music and independent creation, his latest single, ‘Isabelle’ is sure to please.

Inspiration can come in many forms, but the most universal is the connection between two people, even in passing. As an enterprising young man constantly on the move, and in the spotlight, these personal moments of connection surely have great impact. And it shows. The lyrics speak of someone smitten, caught up in the rush of youth and love, however those two may mingle.

Borrowing plenty from the current stable of pop-music trends, Zach Hood owns and transforms otherwise formulaic instrumentals into a captivating love letter to someone special in a sea of passing acquaintances. Love fast, love hard, love all, the captivation with the physicality of the eponymous Isabelle the tell-tale glow of young infatuation and the massive importance these beautiful, personal moments of connection have on the road of life.

It’s fun, it’s sweet, it’s quick, like a high-school romance that ended on good terms, and that you can’thelp but look back on as though it was the moment you understood love.

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