Young Bombs feat. Darius Rucker (Remix by Over Easy): “Wrong Side of Love”

By: Hennessy Echemendia
March 25, 2021

How do you like your songs? Over easy thank you! This remix, or remixes are the funnest experience you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying.

You can pick your favorite version or add them all to your playlist. The single is called “Wrong side of love”, the lyrical value of this anthemic song is beautiful. You can feel the duality of the artists confusion with his truth when it comes to being, falling, or feeling love in an intimate relationship. This remix, regardless of the lyrics melancholy structure, is fun, high frequency, fast tempo, and as we artists say “a banger” ! The Deerock and Wyle remix is a nice change of pace, that allows the listener to sink deeper into the anthem. where as, the Darius Rucker original is light hearted, and snappy with a heavier break down and super rhythmic nature.

This song is reminiscent of summer sunsets, and firefly lit fields. The tempo and nostalgic quality of this song takes one back to warm, and melancholy days. The sad vocal tone, and major scale of the production, compliment each other in a clash of hazy colors. Orange and Green, with a kiss of midnight blue dance before the minds eye as the song progresses through its many twists and turns till the end.

A synth vocal ensemble flutters around the ears during the break down and bridge, bringing the listener closer to the spirit of this melancholy piece before its close. its one to remember, and one to be remembered on any day you’re looking for nostalgia. 

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