By: Honey Mills
November 30, 2019

Yonee has got us feeling reallll bad in the best way. Check out what we thought of his new single below!

R&B vocalist Yonee has been gaining traction in the music scene for some time now, and recently, he’s released a track that will only project him upwards from here. “Bad” is a sensual, playful track that has all the smooth grooves to get you in the best of moods. Yonee’s rich vocals and flirtatious lyrics certainly paint a steamy picture, but also create a great listening space that you will find yourself drowning in. We love the soundscape in this track and love the nods to the early aughts R&B you’ll find throughout the piece. Yonee had some heavy hitting performances and we can only hope that means more music soon!

Check out “Bad” below or on our GAS MASK FAVORITES playlist! Want more of the best music around? So do we! Click here to find out how you can get your hit covered.

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