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Yaans: “Young Forever”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
June 06, 2022

Yanns is searching for youth in his new single “Young Forever.”   

The house music track features the vocals of Jaime Deraz.  Her calming voice moves with the ebbs and flows of the music.  With minimal lyrics, Yaans (née Raphael Bourguet) uses tempo and rhythm changes to express a variety of emotions.  For example, a little over a minute and a half in, the song begins to fade and sounds like it’s ending but then the music picks right up again.  The French producer and songwriter explained the message behind “Young Forever” on his YouTube page saying, “With this track I wanted to represent what would be a life without thinking of tomorrow.

Acting like a newborn and proving to everyone that no matter the age we have, there are so many things that we still can do.”  He expresses the same idea at the beginning of the music video through self-reflection as an older version of himself and a conversation with an older woman.  The video is a visual representation of the feelings he expresses in the music. 

Check out Yaans’s “Young Forever” video

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