Xavier Collins: “Sanctified (Iaco Remix)”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
December 08, 2022

Xavier Collins is setting himself apart with his new single “Sanctified (Iaco Remix).” 

It’s the dance version of the acoustic track off his EP entitled Coastlines.  Collins digs into his emotions with this song.  He explained the meaning behind it saying, “This song is about falling in love with someone who is angelic and the effect it has on the protagonist — saving them. It’s the final song of my debut EP, which tells the experience that love doesn’t always work out, even if it seems to first.”  Collins’ honest vocals and lyrics connect to the feelings behind the song.  The accompanying music flows with the words and vocals.  The changes in tempo allow the listener to focus on different aspects of the song.   During the verses, the music is slow but picks up at the chorus to emphasize the lines “Well I’d be sanctified, darling, I’d be sanctified.”  The London based singer-songwriter’s vocals echo at times to give the angelic feel he described. 

Collins collaborated with producer Iaco for this remix. 

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