WYO: “Do It Alone”

By: Jared Free
September 24, 2019

We love the bluesy rock of WYO’s “Do It Alone.” Get a load of this epic track here, Gas Maskers!

“Do It Alone,” one of the singles off of WYO’s latest album has some great country bones. The lead vocals embody that ‘down home attitude,’ which makes the pivot into a bluesy chorus all the more satisfying. By the time we’re heading around to the second chorus, sparkly touches of piano add a sense of effervescence to the song, providing a great foil for the growly vocals and heavy rhythm and guitar sections. WYO’s is smart to let the bridge be mostly instrumental, saving the grisly vocals for when they really shine. “Do It Alone”’s filmic, epic sound is a great banger to close out the summer.

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