WORLD PREMIERE: Wiyaala | “Better Treat Me Right”

By: James Brookes
October 29, 2018

The latest release from Ghana’s queen of pop will have your hips swinging from side to side! Listen below in this exclusive world premiere, Gas Maskers!

Power-packed with retro hooks and a powerful vocal comes the latest from Ghana’s queen of pop: Wiyaala! Titled, “Treat Me Right”, the track is dripping with vibrant synths that are reminiscent of a retro 80s vibe. In fact, they’re so catchy, we haven’t been able to put this one down at the Gas Mask HQ! Lucky for you, we caught up with Wiyaala in an exclusive interview.

When asked about the inspiration for “Treat Me Right” Wiyaala said, “I was moved to do this song because “I’m not the kind of girl to sit in my tower and wait till you rescue me! Sam East of What’s That Sound Productions wrote the song and invited me to sing on it. I pounced on it with a roar! Because, lionesses of Africa don’t sit around waiting to be rescued. We go out there and hunt! We girls can be hunters and do things for ourselves! Visually, we were going for attitude and a kind of non-verbal communication vibe even though there is a song going on.”

With a heavy inclined notion of Madonna tendencies, we had to ask about Wiyaala’s musical influences. Here’s what she had to say: “It’s crazy, even though I grew up in a traditional African village in Ghana, the biggest influence was Madonna. We didn’t have much TV when I was a small girl. But when I saw her in a video of Take A Bow with those bright red lips, that pointed nipple bra and the bull (which I thought was a cow at the time), I said to myself, that’s me! From that day forward I was inspired to be an entertainer. But at the same time, I have admired the energy and stage charisma of Brenda Fassie, a famous South African singer. So I am definitely going to keep my African vibe!”

Wiyaala said, “I’ve been performing and entertaining since I was three years old. It’s what I do. And it’s what I want to do until I’m really old. Hopefully my fans will grow old with me and I’ll still be putting smiles on their faces and in their hearts. More seriously, there is something I have to do. To try my hardest to encourage people of all races and cultures to love each other. To treat each other with respect. There is too much hatred and jealousy. Everyday, even if it’s just once, let’s remind ourselves to speak kindly to someone who might be feeling down. Acknowledgment is the first step to positive action.”

We couldn’t have asked for a better world premiere! We can’t for MORE new music from Wiyaala! Do yourself a favor and stream/share the official music video below. You’ll be loving it as much as we do.

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