WORLD PREMIERE | Shitty Princess: “I Know You Want To…”

By: Meech Justice
April 01, 2020

This day couldn’t have been more anticipated. Today, Shitty Princess releases the single we’ve all been waiting for. Go ahead and take a listen to the world premiere, “I Know You Want To…” because we do too!

“I just want to feel anything at all” is my favorite part because during this season of quarantine and chill, my house is making feel numb. Shitty Princess came through with a bop for us to enlighten our spirits and minds during the outbreak that is COVID-19. People are losing their lives and minds, which is really sad but with a song like “I Know You Want To…” you can’t help but smile. From the production to the vocals, we love it all. This princess is probably the one person in royal command that can make you dance without even saying a word. Turn on her song and your body won’t be able to control itself. This is a summer anthem waiting to be unwrapped. Imagine getting the news that Rona is officially gone and we can return back to society? This Dani Stacy assisted jam would serve as the perfect soundtrack for whatever you decide to do. Take a nice scroll down and press play, because you’re never going to want to turn it off. Just go ahead and do it, “I Know You Want To…” Let us know what you think of it on social media: @gasmaskmagazine.

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