WORLD PREMIERE: Sense | “First Time”

By: James Brookes
October 19, 2018

HOT OFF THE PRESS! We have the world premiere of Sense’s debut single from their newest EP. Listen below!

Made up of three French engineering students, Sense is a wildly creative and abstract electro trio. Soon, you will not be able to get ENOUGH of them! Titled, “First Time”, the latest release from Sense is immediately an auditory wonderland of hooks and glittering synths. The melodic flow is a progressive lifestyle of beauty; in fact, it replicates the colorful pop culture of life itself.

“First Time” is the debut single off the collective’s latest EP titled: Taste. The EP was derived from the trio’s creative inspiration to showcase the culmination of tastes through music. One thing is for sure, we’re hooked on the intrinsic melodies and relaxed vibes this track possesses. Be sure to stream it below!

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