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Wolf and Love: “Silverspoon”

By: Honey Mills
May 03, 2020

All we have to say: As soon as you push play, you’ll be hooked on Wolf + Love’s newest track! Listen to “Silverspoon” below.

Talk about a powerhouse track! Wolf + Love’s newest track “Silverspoon” is EVERYTHING. With retro pop sounds, disco dance rhythms, and a very “No Scrubs” attitude, this feel good anthem is LIFE right now. Do you really need more than a fabulous lead vocalist and a tambourine? We’d argue no. We are obsessed with the vibe, in love with the message, and need to wrap this up so we can get back to dancing to “Silverspoon” all. night. long. Thank you, endlessly for this track, Wolf + Love! We cannot wait to hear what else y’all have got!

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